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2002.09.01 - SmartDATs Update

SmartDATs section is updated. I removed all old files and leaved only those I find can be useful: this means no more differences between SmartDATs and SmartDATs G, all new smartdats should be considered "G" even if this nomenclature is going to be dropped. This means also that you will get the smallest and less redundant (but yet complete) rom collection using these DATs.

For now only Genesis and SNES are added. I'm waiting that the GoodXXX dat for Romcenter 2.5 will be published to add the NES DAT (huge modifies have to be made to match the new RC 2.5 plugin system). Hopefully now RC will be stripped from all the nasty bugs of 2.4 (someone still lurks in 2.5 but they are of minor entity) so the work on the DATs will be started again. C U soon (I hope)!

2002.03.11 - JIPS 3.0 Out!

JIPS 3.0 is finally released, like you can see in the left bar. This project is just like IPSWin: an IPS patcher (how boring I can be?). It is written in Java so it can run on Linux, Solaris, Windows and MacOS (plus others unofficial JRE 1.4 ports).

2002.01.04 - SmartDATs revision 1 and SmartDATs G

SmartDATs Revision 1 are here (removed [f] and [T] from the listings), along with the new SmartDATs G for NES, SNES, Genesis and GBA (more systems to come). SmartDATs G contains only ROMs that are considered primary good dumps, even (Hack) and (PD) ROMs are removed.

2001.12.31 - Happy new year to everyone!

Happy new year to everyone!

I also updated to say that I'm already working on the first revision of SmartDATs it will be online for the first week of January

2001.12.30 - A new site and a new project!

ZeroSoft site is reborn from its ashes! The redesign of the site is almost finished, in addition to this, I also ultimated another project: SmartDATs like you can see from the left panel... SmartDAT is a project about RomCenter DAT files for the GoodTools, the only difference is that this project will not be aimed to catalogue all the known ROMs released for a specific system, but only roms that are supposed to be correct dumps of the real thing. So no bad dumps or overdumps, the major question is about hacked and fixed roms, since the DATs should be aimed to collectors that wants only working roms, hacked and fixed ones are just in the middle of the field... So give your opinions on the matter, since I'm releasing this DATs to be used, and maybe they can become a stand-alone program...

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