IPS Format


  • NEW! Database can be organized in folders to grant maximum flexibility.
  • NEW! Integrated IPS patcher based on the IPSWin technology.
  • NEW! You can run your ROM with the default emulator or choose from a list of compatible ones.
  • Completely customizable, no fixed EMUs list, the user can define his EMUs list, his choice for Types, Systems and even Languages for purpose of ROM storing!
  • ZIP files support for those emulators that doesnít support that capability.
  • Explorer Integration, you can invoke it in the program to explore the current ROMís directory
  • ZIP synchronization capability: with a simple click you can rename your zipped file to match the ROM file name in it.
  • EMUStation gives LFN compatibility to those emulators that donít have it. EMUStation also gives to emulators with LFN capability the additional ability to manage ROMs with blank spaces in the file name from the command line.
  • Gives a gateway to manage Emulators INI files.
  • Lots of options for customize and manage your ROM list.
  • A real DB of ROMs: once scanned the list remains here and thereís no need to perform boring scanning session.
  • The ROMs can reside in different directories even for the same emulator: so you can store your collection of ROMs in CD-ROMs and other removable medias.
  • A comprehensive and complete help environment, featuring also a "Compatibility List" to explain how to use EMUStation with the most unfriendly and conservative emulators...
  • Now CD-ROM Friendly: the program doesn't let you to do tasks that cannot be done on a CD-ROM like erasing a file, for example.
  • A complete help file to assist you in the managing of your ROMs, providing troubleshooting and hints on how make work the most difficult to configure emulators.

Program Version Description
NEW!EMUStation v. 3.0 (677 Kb) Introduced folder structure for the ROMs database, resolved some flaws of the running engine, minor bug fix, drag and drop support, interface changes and code more compact (and fast).
EMUStation v. 2.1 (732 Kb) Fixed some bugs and minor interface changes (like splash screen and icons).
EMUStation v.2.0 (689 Kb) Killer Application, state of the art and as usual compact, very compact.

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