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RomCenter SmartDATs

These files are RomCenter DATs derived from the latest versions of GoodTools. Well, since Rob Van Der Drift is doing a great job converting the latest GoodTools listings in RomCenter DATs, in which way they are different?

Even if RomCenter is the best program for managing testing rom integrity, it doesn't allow filtering based on the GoodTools tags. Since most of the GoodTools have lots of bad dumps listed (the NES version has more than 2000 bad dumps listed!), I decided to build RomCenter DATs filtering them out. Some collectors may avert their eyes, but being a collector myself I found that having lots of bad dumps is not better than not having them, they are useless, take space (The N64 bad dumps can take Gigabytes of HD Space!), and they doesn't add anything to the value of a collection.

Which SmartDATs to use?

  • If you want a complete collection of every ROM released on the Earth (with lots of defective dumps, expecially for the earlier-emulated systems, like NES, Genesis and SMS) you should use Romcenter GoodDATs, available at Rob's website. They are based upon GoodTools and are fairly comprehensive.
  • I you want only roms considered original without any hacked, hacks or PD ROM, you should use the SmartDATs (further below). They have minimum redundancy, the only duplicates you can find are those of the ROMs present in different languages. They only contains dumps that are considered to be working and, some times, perfect (the [!] flag).


Due to popular request I'm going to release a special revision of smartdats labeled revision G, these DATs contains only roms with no flags. They will be the DATs that have the narrow selection of roms, with almost no duplicates (only dupes form different region/languages exists). They only contains original roms, not even pirate or trained carts are included.

SystemGoodTools VersionRevisionROM countAdditional Infos
Nintendo NES (on hold)1.01G2281no [a],[b],[c],[f],[o],[h],[p],[T],[t],(hack),(pd)
Nintendo SNES0.999.5G2281no [a],[b],[c],[f],[o],[h],[p],[T],[t],(hack),(pd)
Sega Genesis0.999.7G1323no [a],[b],[c],[f],[o],[h],[p],[T],[t],(hack),(pd)

Being a human, I can do some mistakes in the compilation of the DATs, so please contact me if you find any errors (like some ROM with flags that shouldn't be there).

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